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The COM is an intercom system designed to allow communication between both the driver, passengers and other cars through the Push To Talk (PTT) and allows connection to a variety of equipment for off-road recreation. Now in premium Stereo sound!  Select the S4S to experience the ultimate UTV stereo intercom kit with more options, value and upgrades then the competition for a competitive price. 

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  • Overhead universal mount that fits most vehicles with a roof
  • Premium stereo sound to unleash the most out of your music
  • Private in-car COMmunication that connects up to 8 passengers
  • 2-way radio for car to car COMunication with all your group
  • 4 independent volume controls 
  • upgraded mic and speakers to bring the stereo sound alive 
  • Built in overhead map lights
  • available  over the head headsets to block ambient sound
  • See new customer training videos here
  • See install examples here
Stereo Rugged Intercom powerful radio

What make TheCOM different watch below:

Great cost in comparison to rugged and pci

– Idaho UTV

It is great to see someone get in the market that is offering these a better price.

Please let me know when you are going to release a 4 person model.  I would be one of your first orders


You’re 25w transmitter is a game changer


Ok, The COM delivers on it’s claims. I’m impressed. Saved me hundreds off what I thought I’d have to spend

– Idaho

I love your product!


Seeing “Installs in 5 minutes”, I thought “Bull*#^!, it takes 5 minutes to pull the seats out”.

Then I watched the install video and thought “OK, I was wrong. That is literally 5 minutes”


I’m very excited about your product! Its gonna be a game changer for the “other guys” building radios!


Opening that shipping box, knowing I was minutes away from being able to ride with it, felt like Christmas morning

– Idaho

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