COMsole – a Universal Mount Overhead COMmunications System

See how it is made! We strive hard to do as much of the install as we can.  You need not worry about wiring the radio to the intercom and the noise filter.  See the video on how it is made or scroll below to see install locations for different machines. 

The below shows the COMsole mount location in various vehicles.  TheCOM has created a universal intercom radio communications system that allows the customer to mount overhead saving valuable storage space in the vehicle while providing a complete radio intercom communications kit that doesn’t require modification of the stock dash and installs on most machines with two simple drill holes in the roof.  The COMsole comes with many features that the completion either doesn’t have or charges extra for. Such as over head cabin lights, bracket, antenna mount, Bluetooth, and 4 independent volume controls.

Kawasaki Tyrex 4 install below, photos courtesy of the Rugg’s 

The COMsole mounts to almost any vehicle with a roof.  It comes with mounting hardware that allows mounting points such as roof or roll bar.  

Our intercom can’t be beat for the price and features that it offers. The Stereo sound is second to none.  Many customers compare our headsets to the high end headphones. 

The COMsole includes hardware that allows for multiple different installation applications. 

Every COMsole includes a Bluetooth Stereo S4S intercom to allow premium stereo sound from your favorite device while you ride. 

The COMsole allows up to 8 headsets with 4 independent volume controls.  The independent volume controls allow those with sensitive ears to dial in their proper volume.  

Our intercom VOX allows the highest quality music to come through while things are silent in the car but quick enough to pick up those first key words when set to the proper level. With 32 levels of adjustment you are sure to find the level that fits your environment.  

The COMsole provides an all in one communication system for your off-road vehicle.  The COMsole has both in car communications and car to car through the built in 2 way radio. 

The S4S is the first purpose built intercom for the off-road community.  We add features that give it a competitive advantage over others on the market like Stereo, 4 volume controls, ability to connect up to 8 headsets, and upgraded speakers and mics.  

The COMsole fits virtually any machine wit a front roll bar and a hard roof.  

15 thoughts on “COMsole – a Universal Mount Overhead COMmunications System”

    1. Corey, We have installed it on the KRX. I have not on the original Teryx but looking at pictures I am confident it will fit. Basically we designed the COMsole to fit any machine that has a front cross bar with a roof (please see our install video under tech support which applies to most of the machine installs) https://utvcom.com/installation-examples/. The only exceptions are the roll cages that have center supports which the COMsole will still work on but you will have to offset the COMsole to the passenger side of the support. I will see if I can track down a Teryx and take some photos with the COMsole in the correct position and put add to this same blog. Thanks TheCOM

    1. Kevin, the COMsole installs on nearly any roof. It comes withe several different length screws to adjust the viewing angle of the COM. Please see the below link to the install video and link to the pictures of the COMsole set in different X3’s. We currently don’t have an X3 Video for the COMsole but are working on getting one. Send us an email with a photo of your roof and we can advise you further. Thanks TheCOM

    1. The COM DB-90 is programable under Part 90 certifications by the FCC. MURS has power requirements that our radio exceeds however you can program it to those frequencies and listen only as long as you don’t transmit on those frequencies you can listen all you want.

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    1. Dallas, Thanks for the question. The COMsole or the DIY kit are our only solutions at this time. We are looking into a dash kit but that will not be available for at least 6 months.

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