Stay in Radio communication

Improve you Off-Road Ride!

Does your group stop too often?

Does you group stop at every intersection? Do you only sit on the side of the trial shooting the bull longer than riding? With The COM you can ride and talk at the same time.  Tell those be hind you to go straight or turn. Have fun and share experiences as you ride.  Makes rides so much more fun.  

Do you sit for hours in silence on your ATV / UTV?

With the stereo intercom from The COM you don’t have to sit in silence because the SXS is too loud to scream over.  The headsets block out the noise so you can talk without yelling.  Then when your not talking you can listen to your music.  

Do you worry about other UTV's or ATV's you ride with?

You don’t have to because you can stay in communication. Simply press and hold the Push To Talk (PTT) button which is like a walkie talkie and you are instantly connected to those in your group. This give you the security that they are ok and makes the ride more enjoyable. 

Do you eat too much dust while you ride your SXS or ATV?

Are you eating dust because you worry about loosing your group or want to keep track of the little ones in your group? You can improve your ride by staying far enough back that the dust settles and still know where everyone is by communicating with them.  The COM improves your ride and many customers say it is their most used accessory. It provide safety, communications and allows you to share your experiences on the trail. The video below will demonstrate these points.  

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