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I can hear others clearly, but they tell me that I sound garbled (or vise versa)

  1. Verify the cord between the intercom and radio is plugged in ALL THE WAY.
    • On the S2, the cord is also directional  This means it must be installed according to the labels on each end; “Radio” end plugs into the radio port. “Intercom” end into intercom (the port marked “Radio”)
  2. Verify the Radio is in Simplex mode.
    • This is done by plugging in the hand mic to the front of the radio, opening the radio’s menu and scrolling through until you hit 47. Ensuring the radio’s off-set is configured to 000.000 (See more here).
  3. If you purchased between October 2019 and July 2020 you may have received an intercom that has the incorrect setting on the intercom that needs to be adjusted.  Please reach out to us at or if you feel you want to take on the adjustment yourself you can watch this video to help you correct the issue.   
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My radio is on, but the PTT button is not working

(For the S2 only) On the intercom, turn the “Radio On/Off” switch to the “On” position

PTT on the radio is sticking open after I depress the PTT button

Click the Menu (press the right radio knob) scroll to menu 21PTT-LT” and make sure the delay time for the PTT ID is set to “0

My screen is blank when I transmit

This could happen if the antenna is located too close to the radio.  Try relocating the antenna and try again.  Also make sure you have a good ground to the radio. 

Others cannot hear me due to background noise

  • Make sure your mic is pressed up against your lips.  This is the single biggest factor in performance.
  • Other vehicles are more impacted by this due to 2-way radio transmissions are slightly less clear than transmissions over the wire

My transmission range is poor

Many things will reduce your range including:

  • Obstacles (no line of sight)
  • Poor connection (loose connectors, broken coax, broken connector)
  • Coiling the coax cable like an extension cord on install
  • Surrounding the antenna with metal (like running it through a spare tire carrier)
  • Trying to transmit inside a building or garage.

No power to the system

Radio communications sound terrible

Turn down the radio volume.  At full volume, it is like listening to your car stereo at full blast – it gets distorted

I cannot hear the other person in my vehicle

  • Turn up the intercom volume controls associated with your headset
  • If so equipped, turn up the volume controls on the ear cup of your headset
  • Verify both headset jacks are plugged in tightly
  • Verify your headset mic is pressed up against your lips​

The 1st parts of my words can't be heard or I have to yell to get the mic to work

The intercom’s VOX setting needs adjustment

  • S2 Intercom
    1. Turn the VOX completely off by flipping the 1st DPI switch on the back of the intercom to the down position w/ a small flat head screw driver
    2. If you want the VOX on, flip the 1st DPI switch on the back of the intercom to the up position w/ a small flat head screw driver
    3. Use the knob on the back of the intercom to adjust the mic sensitivity. Too little sensitivity and it will not open at all or you’ll be yelling to engage it or losing the 1st part of your conversations as the mic “wakes up”.
  • S4S Intercom
    1. click here: S4S intercom training VOX

I cannot hear my music

  • Verify your headset cords are plugged in tightly
  • If so equipped, verify your Bluetooth is on and it is paired to the Bluetooth controller
  • Turn up the music volume using your phone volume controls

Bluetooth music is not loud enough

Audio volume coming into the intercom is controlled by the source device.  We have noticed that the iPhone is significantly quitter than the Android devices. Below will give you a couple of options to try to increase the Bluetooth volume from the source device (i.e. phone).

iPhone (Apple users):

Please make sure the media volume is all the way up on your phone. To adjust all the way up make sure music is playing and press the “Volume up” button on the side of your phone.

To adjust the volume for music and videos:

Go to – Settings > Music > Volume Limit

Drag the slider to the maximum volume level.

 Adjust the equalizer:

Go to – Settings > Music > EQ option > Late Night

This works best if you’re already playing some audio when you venture into Settings and make the EQ selection. Music in particular seems to get the biggest boost, though it can vary depending on the kind of music.

 For Android:

Please make sure the media volume is all the way up on your phone. To adjust all the way up make sure music is playing and press the “Volume up” button on the side of your phone. If you still need more volume follow the below.

Step 1: Enable Developer Options

Go to – System > About Phone >  tap on the phone Build Number multiple times.

Once done, this will give you access to Developer Options on your device.

Step 2: Disable Absolute Volume

Go to – System > Developer Options > scroll down under “Networking” heading scroll down and toggle on Disable absolute volume .

From here disable absolute volume make sure it lights up blue or slides to the right and is not grayed out.

Your Bluetooth volume should be noticeably higher.

Note: The above method is meant to work on Android Nougat and above.The steps described above will differ slightly if you are using a smartphone from a manufacturer who applies their own custom skin.

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