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A few minutes now will pay BIG dividends later

Product Training

This training video walks you through what is included when you purchase the COMsole and the very basic concepts of the install. For more detailed install see our installations examples page here. 

Intercom Training

This training video walks you through the end user interface.  It covers everything from how to power it up and down, to volume control navigation, to pairing the intercom to Bluetooth (if equipped).

This video will walk you through a hands-on demonstration of what VOX is and how to dial it in to get the best performance during your rides.  The mics, mic wind screens and VOX are designed to keep the mic closed until needed…..even at high speeds.

Understanding “Audio-in / Phone” port in the back of the intercom. If you didn’t buy a Bluetooth capable intercom you can still enjoy stereo sound through a phone or other media device through a 4 pin 3.5 mm cable.

Your intercom integrates with external speaker systems (sound bar, portable Bluetooth speaker, amplified speakers, etc).

Simply plug a 3.5mm cord into the port on the back of the intercom that is labeled “Audio Out”. Then plug the other end into the Aux-in of the speaker or the red/white plugs of an amplifier.

The music will auto mute and for 2-way radio transmissions, freeing you from having to sit inside the machine so you don’t miss a message.

2-Way Radio Training

Most customers only familiarity with 2-way radios are the hand held units from department stores. Higher powered radios come with a lot more control, but that means complexity. This video is us sitting down with you and walking you through the interface and teaching you how to fix things through simple adjustments.
Learn to connect with your friends who own handheld radios.
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