Refurbished / Demo Headsets


Headsets are essential to communications. Our refurbished headsets meet the same specs as the new headset with the exception of cosmetic blemishes or dust from our shows or demonstrations.  Headsets comes with both an upgraded noise-cancelling microphone and a wind sock to eliminate as much wind and engine noise as possible.

It also includes upgraded speakers to deliver the best sound quality available

The helmet headsets include:

  • 3M peal and stick hook and loop ear rings to hold the speakers in place
  • Noise canceling mic
  • Wind sock to block the wind from opening the mic

Fits most helmets (full, open, adult, child) (see install example here).

Read the drop down closely S2 and S4S headsets are only compatible with their respective intercom due to the change from Mono 1/4″ TRS connector to a standard 3.5mm stereo TRRS connector. A Mono S2 headset will not work with the Stereo S4S or S4S V3 intercom and visa versa the S4S headsets will not work on the older Mono S2 intercoms.

Build your ideal communication system with the ultimate in feature control found nowhere else online. For additional information see our new customer training or install examples.

Whether this is your first experience with using communications or you’re an experienced guru, you will get to select exactly what you want.

Used / Refurbished / Demos may exabit signs of ware, scratches, new or spliced power cords, dusty or dirt filled crevices  but they all include our same warranty as a new product.

Brand: TheCOM

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 6 in

Behind the Head – S4S Stereo, Black Ops- Behind the Head – S4S Stereo, Black Ops- Over the Head – S4S Stereo, Helmet Headset – S2 Mono, Helmet Headset – S4S Stereo, Helmet Headset with Boom – S2 Mono, Over the Head – S2 Mono, Over the Head Headset – S4S Stereo


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