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Washing your UTV with TheCOM Attached

This tip shows you how we wash our UTV while leaving TheCOM attached.  Pressure washers will destroy electronics if directly hit by large amounts of water. Although we have tested TheCOM in all the elements it is best to protect your COM by using this simple but effective trick when it is time to wash your rig. 

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More tips and tricks to come so stay tuned.

Helmet Headset Install

Below will show and explain the different ways the helmet headset can be installed in a helmet. 

How to turn on "Noise Reduction" aka (VOX)

The noise reduction knob is inactive until the DPI switch is turned on in the back of the intercom it is DPI switch number “1”.  To turn it on the DPI switch needs to be in the up position then it will activate the noise reduction knob which you will have to turn clockwise to turn up for louder volume to activate mic and counter clockwise for less volume to activate the mic. 

The below video will explain this in detail. 

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