The COM radio menu

Advanced Two-way Radio Operation

The below video will cover how to select a channel that is not included in the over 150 programed channels in TheCOM.  You can download our owners manual below to see the programed channels provide. (remember to use good practices when selecting frequencies. Every state is different check with your local frequency coordinator for more information

TheCOM Owners Manual V5

If you find yourself able to talk to your group or other riders on the selected frequency but you cannot hear them you will need to make sure the offset on the radio is set to “000.000” or no offset so the radio is in a simplex radio mode. To do this:

  1. press the “Menu” button
  2. scroll to menu 47 “Offset” (to scroll simply roll the menu (or channel selector knob) roller one way or the other)
  3. make sure the screen says “000.000”

The COM radio menu

  • If the offset does not say “000.000” plug in the hand mic and press the “Menu” button again to toggle the arrow down to the numbers and using the handset mic type in “000.000” then as a final step press “Menu” again to toggle the arrow up and lock in the selected offset. If you forget to press the menu after you key in the offset the radio will not save the new offset.

The COM offset

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