Bluetooth Controller Off road

Bluetooth Controller

Have you wanted to quickly pause/play, skip or repeat your music, or take a quick call without picking up your cell phone or handset? Well now you can while tearing up the trail, dunes or desert on TheCOM.  

TheCOM Bluetooth intercom

The Bluetooth Controller allows you to put your phone safely away while listening to your favorite music. Simply, plug the noise isolator into the back of the intercom “Tel” (Telephone port) or if it is a MP3 device, the “Audio in” will suffice. Plug the Bluetooth controller into a USB power supply and mount it to a convenient location and wa-la…you are ready to hit the trail while having a quick Bluetooth Controller. 

TheCOM Radio intercom Bluetooth

TheCOM continues to bring more “Plug N’ Play” options to the off-road community.  The below video will show you some highlights to the Bluetooth Controller. 

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