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Regular date nights are an important aspect of a successful marriage. And although my husband and I don’t have the perfect marriage, we are almost perfect on this one thing. I am very protective of our date nights every week. Reconnecting with each other and having fun together is vital!

One of our favorite date night activities is going riding in our Can Am Maverik. Luckily, we live in an area where beautiful, fun rides are only about an hour away so we have plenty of time to make an evening ride possible. It helps that in the summer there is daylight until 9-10 pm.

This past Friday we were able to go on a double date and try out the new headset mics we’re testing for The Com. Don’t you just love when you can mix business and pleasure!

We followed a dirt road into a little mining town called Idaho City. There’s a small restaurant there we like to eat at when we go riding in the area. Then we took a new trail back out. It was a really nice trail; not too technical but enough to keep it interesting. The trail opened up on some beautiful vistas and was surrounded by pine forest the entire way.

As I reflect on the rides we have taken in the past, I can’t help but think about the difference The Com makes. Just like in marriage, communication is key. Talking to my husband as we ride (instead of yelling over the engine noise) makes the ride so much more enjoyable. And being able to communicate with friends in another machine is not only convenient and fun, but adds largely to the safety of the ride. There were numerous times we were able to relay directions or warnings such as, “stay to the right at the fork” or “truck headed your way.” And everyone got to enjoy Dustin, in his Top Gun sunglasses, singing the movie theme song as he was “flying” down the road.

So, while The Com can’t help you communicate more effectively in marriage it definitely can help you communicate more effectively while riding! And I’d say that’s a great place to start!

Happy riding!

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2 thoughts on “Date Night Ride”

  1. That’s awesome you can ride into Idaho City. I’m a retired Navy guy and a retired Boise Smokejumper . Think I had me best steak in that town. Reading thru out the site is really leading me to feel we’re making a planned purchase w a family and not a Corp .
    I’m looking forward to trying our what you have to offer

    1. Hawk, Thanks for the comment and talking with us today. Yes, we are a small business but very solvent and growing. We appreciate your service and look forward to serving you. Let us know if you have any questions. We love hearing from our customers. Sincerely TheCOM Family

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