GMRS NMO High Gain Whip Antenna


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GMRS NMO High Gain Whip Antenna 50 ohm 33″ tall. Up to 100w. Gold plated plunger type contact pin, coiled whip with solid brass NMO base. The high gain antenna unlocks the full potential of your COM-G95 GMRS radio.  If you want the maximum range this is the antenna for you with al low 1.2 SWR and it can handle up to 100 watt GMRS radio.

462-467 MHZ

Gain 5.5 dBi

VSWR ≤ 1.5


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What is the difference between our High Gain GMRS Antenna and the GMRS Shadow Antenna? The high gain will get you the maximum range for your radio (about 10+ miles line of sight for the COM-G95) the shadow antenna will likely have the rage of 1/2 (or about 5 miles line of sight for the COM-G95).

Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 10 × 8 in

1 review for GMRS NMO High Gain Whip Antenna

  1. JohnR (verified owner)

    I attached this antenna to a Tram 5.5″ magnet mount wired to a new Wouxun KG-1000G GMRS mobile radio. The antenna was sitting on a metal cookie sheet on a table in my garage and the radio powered by a 40 Ah LifePo4 battery. I used a Surecom SW-102 to measure SWR and power. On CH05 I read 6.8 4W with 1.22 SWR. On CH18 I read 52.2 W with 1.64 SWR. The radio is advertised to be 50 W GMRS radio. I compared a similar priced Midland GMRS mobile antenna, same base and got less power by about 2 Watts but the SWR was lower by .2 each channel. I’m buying another The Com antenna for my daughters Midland MXT-275 as mine performed better on hers than her Midland antenna, The Com produced 2 more watts of power and the SWR was still under 1.5 for CH05 and CH18.

    • thecom

      John, thanks for the great comments and we are glad our products exceeded your expectation. Let us know if we can do anything else to help you out.

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