Mic Mute PTT


3.5 mm Mic Mute PTT (Push To Talk) used to activate the mic on a headset.  This device is good for those that like to sing along to the music with out interrupting the VOX which kills the music when the mic opens. These can also be used if you are in extremely loud environments that you you want to keep the VOX from being interrupted.  To activate the mic simple press and hold the “Mic-mute button” (shown on the picture) and your mic becomes active. Great for kids too.

Here how it works here.

Measurements: 9-inches long.

Simple plug and play connection. Plug the male end of the Mic mute PTT into the extension cord of the headset. Plug the female end of the Mic Mute PTT into the headset and done.  When the mic mute is plugged in it will keep the mic muted on that headset only. To activate the mic simply press and hold the Mic Mute button to activate the mic and talk.

Note: the Mic Mute Button does not disable the VOX setting on the intercom.  So if the mic is activated while pressing the button the person talking will still have to overcome the VOX threshold to active the mic as well.

Weight 0.1 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 3.5 × .5 in


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