Passenger side radio mount

Radio Intercom Mounting Solutions

One of the toughest things in our industry is trying to keep up with is the ever changing radio and intercom mounting solutions. Not only do radios and intercoms change over time but so does the ever accelerated side by side industry.  On Sunday July 28, 2019 the all new RZR was release with the #livewideopen and Kawasaki will be releasing their new sxs on October 7, 2019. They are constantly pumping out new exciting models. All of which is good for our customers.   

We continue to look for simple, affordable, plug and play solutions to keep you communicating on the trail, dunes or wherever you ride. solutions like our ever popular S2 plug and play model. 

cushion clamp # 1 stereo intercom radio rugged waterproof

To our expanding in-dash solutions like the RZR In-Dash:

To our very affordable “Build your own kits” using cushion clamps.  This solutions is illustrated below in photos and videos.   

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