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Swivel Antenna Mount

Introducing our new NMO antenna mount!  This innovative design allow the end user to capture virtually any roll bar angle to keep the antenna flat. It also take that last little bit of slack out of the coax cable so you don’t need to cut or re-route the cable to avoid degradation of RF signals.  

Swivel Mount

An incredibly innovative design.

The Swivel mount clamps allow the mount to rotate around a roll bar prior to tightening it down.  The unique circular “L” bracket fastener pattern allows the user to capture that perfect angle to flatten the antenna to an optimized vertical position.

close up of Swivel mount NMO TheCOM Stereo

The mount includes a 3/4″ mounting hole for a perfect fit for those NMO connectors. Coupled with a 16 gauge steel design for added strength and durability. Our textured black powder coat is both appealing and will protect your mount from the harsh conditions that you ride in. 

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Fits Virtually Any Angle

Our unique design allows the mount to fit almost any bar at any angle.

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