The Advantages of TheCOM

TheCOM is Innovative

In a short 3 years of selling TheCOM we have brought the standard mono intercom from two volume controls and mono tone to  4 independent volume controls, stereo sound and the capability of connecting up to 8 headsets on a single intercom.  We have built a purpose built intercom for the off-road industry instead of bringing intercoms over from the flight industry.  

Our competition for sound quality is not our standard competitors in the UTV industry it is your favorite headphones.  Although it is a battle to balance person to person communications, which require higher tones in louder environments and less base with music, which typical sounds better with a lot of base. We would stack our headsets up against our competition any day. But rest assured that we are not done innovating yet and will continue to bring more advancements in the future. 

See TheCOM Advantages video below

COMpact Mobile Radio

GMRS certified UHF VHF rugged COM Radio

Many people ask us why we don’t offer a larger wattage radio? Rugged and PCI have us beat on radio wattage  which allows you to speak further car to car line of sight. But with their larger radio you typically have to modify your dash (cut, trim or remove components) to get the radio in the same spot. We purposely have a smaller mobile radio so we can fit into more compact dash compartments without having to cut or modify your stock dash. Our radio will go up to 10 miles line of sight but how often are you running more than a mile from your group? Obviously up in the mountains your range will be reduced and a higher wattage radio will have an advantage. So it just depends on what type of riding you do. Is cutting your dash worth the extra few miles or do you prefer a more compact lower wattage that allows plug and play? We chose the plug-and-play route. But again both Rugged and PCI have very nice systems. I don’t think you can go wrong with any of us.

But in addition to plug and play and everything we have discussed, we are priced 30% to 50% less and give you plug n play systems that save you hours of installation time.

The S4S vs Rugged vs PCI Intercoms

Stereo intercom By the #1 choice in off road coms

Rugged and PCI have great systems. The difference between our intercom and theirs is we have stereo sound with 4 independent volume controls.

The independent volume controls come in handy when you have kids that have to wear helmets. The completion won’t tell you this, but when kids have to wear helmets they don’t have an independent volume control on their headset.  If you are like me you have to have the volume up higher than younger kids with more sensitive hearing so you’re blasting your kids ears out with other intercoms but with the S4S you have 4 independent volume controls so you don’t have to share and everyone can dial the volume in how they like it.   

What does TheCOM do different?

Below will give you a quick hit list of how we are elevating the offering in the intercom communication industry. Here’s a few things we’ve deliberately done that “the old guard” has not.

  1. Our systems are pre-assembled and bench tested before going out. This eliminates common error points and saves you hours off the installation time.
  2. Our intercom is stereo, not mono. In conjunction, all our headsets come stock with upgraded speakers, a superior noise canceling mic (we custom made) and a thicker wind screen to keep that mic off at high speeds when you need it off the most.
  3. During our S4S development, we recorded the subtle white noise generated by the rzr and 2-way radios and had it eliminated from every S4S intercom by the electrical engineers (see  You’ll hear a marked difference, especially when the VOX turns the mic off.
  4.  Instead of one shared volume, The COM S4S is the world’s only intercom that has 4 independent volume controls. For the 1st time, those wearing helmets (especially significant for kids with sensitive hearing) can now dial in their volume instead of having to inherent the group volume.
  5. We use standard 3.5mm connections instead of the funky proprietary ones. This opens the door in a pinch to other headsets and the ability to replace damaged cords.
  6. We use video everywhere we can. And we are constantly adding more videos to explain things as we hear our customers ask questions.
  7. We provide everyone training. It is broke it into 2 categories; new and advanced. The proactive approach is, “The best support is the support you do not need”. Look at the Tech Support menu item at We also document common issues and install videos in an effort to provide 24/7 support. No one else is doing this.
  8. These systems are too expensive. So we are priced everyday at or below the prices offered by Rugged’s and PCI’s famous sales. No more need to wait for those sales to buy. A quick comparison shows we’re about 1/3 less, which is significant, especially when you realize the product we are delivering is better.

Please reach out to our friendly staff with any questions or comments and we look foreword to helping you out. 

6 thoughts on “The Advantages of TheCOM”

  1. My question to you can the rugged radio alpha base head sets connectors be modified easily to fit you radio?Also the system mounted below pillars in canamx3 do you have a side pannel to keep water out when you hose out the utv.

    1. Kevin, thanks for the comment. None of Rugged Radios headsets will work with our system because they are all Mono headsets and are not compatible with our stereo intercoms. our competitors also use a proprietary off road plug that looks similar to a 3.5 mm cable but is not the same thing. As for the side panels we don’t have anything to offer but we have heard of other companies that have those panels readily available. Our products have held up well against the elements. They can’t be inundated but they will hold up to splashing.

    2. All of rugged radios headsets have proprietary headset connections and most are mono headsets and will not work with our stereo intercom. Also they use different ohms for their speakers and mics then we do so if you mix and match headsets they will sound louder or quitter with music and communications. As for the side panels you can google search “can am x3 side console panels” and find many options to seal up the center console of the X3.

    1. Kevin, our competitors typically use business band frequencies on the VHF 2 meter band (like “Weatherman” “Fairs” etc.). But they also sell GMRS UHF radios. You will need to check with your friends and find out which radio they are using (it is most likely the VHF). In that case you simply need to select the “Race Radio” which has the VHF frequencies that will communicate with your friends on the popular race frequencies I mentioned before.

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