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TheCOM Basic Intercom Radio Operation

TheCOM is an intercom system designed to allow communication between both the driver, passengers and other cars through the Push To Talk (PTT). It also connects to a variety of equipment for off-road recreation or racing such as your phone so you can listen to music receive or make phone calls.

TheCOM operates through a radio and intercom paired through a couple of jumper wires. TheCOM has a slight learning curve that we will tackle in this post.

TheCOM has two volume knobs on the intercom and one on the radio.  The radio volume affects the intercom volume but not visa versa. The best way to set the volume is demonstrated in the below video:

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Basic Operation:

Power switch The right-hand switch on TheCOM switches the unit on and off. Push to the left to switch on.
Radio Connect The left-hand switch on TheCOM connects and disconnects. If the radio connect switch is in the off position, the radio is completely disabled from TheCOM. This is useful if you are driving in an area where you may be receiving external or annoying transmissions that you simply want to block out.

Individual Intercom Volume controls The driver’s side volume control effects the overall volume to the driver’s side headset plug, and the co-driver (passenger) side volume control effects the overall volume to the co-driver’s side headset plug. Set these controls individually to give a comfortable level.

The COM amplifier

Memory to Frequency mode Toggles between memory mode and frequency mode.  Memory mode allows the operator to use pre-programmed channels which we recommend leaving it on memory mode for simplicity. Frequency mode allows the operator to type in and select additional frequencies that are not programmed and will be covered in another post.
Current Band Indicator This arrow indicates to the operator which of the four bands are in use. The radio has four bands. From top to bottom they are Bands “A” “B” “C” and “D”
Exit Toggles between bands and allows operator to exit from menu.
Channel Selector Simply roll the selector one way or the other to change channels. Press the selector down to enter the advanced features menu (see the radio manual for more information about the radio menu).  We recommend leaving the advanced feature menu alone as many features can disable or clear the programming. 

QYT 8900D

Switch on Forehead of The COM assembly The toggle switch on the front is for the lights. “I” is for the single cargo light in the back. Simply rock the switch to the “I” position.  “II” is for the dual cabin lights in the front and “O” is for off. To turn off rock the switch to the center position

9 W LED lights

Radio PTT socket The PTT (Press to talk) socket allows connection to a press to talk switch on a short cord so that the radio can be set to transmit while connected to TheCOM. PTT is disabled when the speaker is switched off.

Push to talk

4 thoughts on “TheCOM Basic Intercom Radio Operation”

  1. I am very interested in learning more about your COM 2. I have a Yamaha Rhino 4 seater with a factory installed roll cage. I would like to see any customer reviews on your system and in fact would love to make contact with a few of your actual users of the system in order to fully understand how they are using the COM 2 so that I could make a fully informed decision about purchasing the COM 2. I ride with several friends who have Rhinos and Razors and they two re interested in finding suitable communication systems.

    And one specific question for you: to communicate between the driver and passenger is it necessary to push to talk or are the microphones voice activated? Please advise.

    1. Larry,

      We can provide you with a few of our customers email addresses and you can hear how they like it straight from them. As far as the communication between the driver and passenger, no you do not have to use the push to talk (PTT) it is an open mic like a telephone.

      I will email you a few of our customers email addresses once I get permission from them to release their email to you.


      Team COM

  2. I love the system, just have one hiccup we are trying to solve we have the can am maverick x3 max and the problem is we take several riders who do not have coms in their full face helmets. I’m looking to use a vox capable headset that fits the rider rather than installing in the helmet. Something like the Garmin Headset with Boom Mic or similar slim design vox ready headset that can be put on before the helmet and allow in helmet communication with your system regardless of the helmet the passenger is wearing. Will the system work with headsets not listed on your site? If so what is the jack size you have utilized? Thanks

    1. The helmet headsets only mount inside a helmet. We currently don’t have an option you’re describing (outside of our non-helmet headsets which fit the rider)

      Our system connections are all the standard 3.5mm. There is likely a lot of headsets that will interface with our system, but the issue will be: Will the mic handle all the extremely loud environmental noise?

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