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Troubleshooting & FAQ

The below video will cover a few of the frequently asked questions (FAQ) and troubleshooting tips for TheCOM that you should be aware of.  If you still have issues give us a call or drop us an E-mail we are here for you!

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Power Check

  1. Using another 12 Volt receptacle (like a phone charger) check to make sure your UTV power port is receiving power?
    • If yes move on to 2
    • If not check your fuse on your machine or see your dealer
  2. Plug in TheCOM. Is the red indicator light lit up on the power cord (Note 2019 models doe not have a red LED light on the cord)?
    • If not check the fuse inside the power plug by unscrewing the silver tip and replacing the fuse with a 250V 10 amp fuse.
    • If yes move on to 3
  3. Does the radio light up (typically a blue screen)?
    • If not make sure the unit is powered on by pressing and holding the power button (left knob on radio see left picture).
    • If the radio doesn’t power on check the fuse in the back between the radio and intercom. It is in a black housing that unscrews.
    • If yes move to 4
  4. Does the red indicator light up on the intercom (TheCOM)?
    • If not the make sure the power switch is on.
    • If power switch is on but no light then check the fuse in the back it is in a white plastic houseing that unlocks by twisting.
    • If the light is on and the radio is on but you can’t hear the radio check the “Radio Connect” switch is on.
  5. If it still does not work please email or call us and we will do some further diagnoses.
The COM power cord

Power Check PDF

TheCOM User Manual

Download TheCOM user manual here.

Radio User Manual

Download the Radio user manual here.

Frequency Chart

Download the 25 watt and 8 watt radio Frequency chart here.

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