The COM S4S White Noise Elimination

The single biggest technology that reduces competing noise is the noise cancelling microphone.  We’ve gone through many, MANY mics on our journey to deliver one that did the best job at a reasonable price.  

But we wanted to get people talking about this new intercom.  We wanted to take it to the next level.

Our focus turned to the subtle white noise that every communication system pick up.  So we plugged in our mixer and unplugged our mics…..and started recording what we heard.

Put your headphones on turn your volume up.  By clicking below, you can to what makes The COM S4S better than the rest.

Click to hear the 2-way radio hiss that was eliminated

Adding an inline noise filter won't eliminate this noise because it happens between the intercom and the radio

Click to hear the 2-way radio cooling fan noise that was eliminated

Again, adding an in-line noise filter won't eliminate this noise because, again, it happens between the intercom and the radio

Click to hear the fuel pump and throttle body that was eliminated

Gone from the S4S are both of these culprits that cause engine whining in your headset

Click to hear the clutch fan whine that was eliminated

Engine noise that won't interfere with your system

The quiet background improves the ear’s ability to understand what’s being said amidst loud engine and wind noise.  It also dramatically improves the experience when listening to your favorite tunes as your ride down the trail.

Yet another way the S4S sets itself apart from the competition 

When your system is connected to both a running vehicle and 2-way radio, this is the amount of white noise you want to see/hear coming through:

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