The Complete UTV intercom

RZR In-Dash install

You asked and TheCOM delivered an In-Dash Polaris RZR kit that replaces your stock box with a COMplete, Radio, InterCOM, COMmunication system. 

The below video with show you how that installs. 

TheCOM has done as much of the install as we could.  You will need to complete the install by measuring the coax cable length that you will need and selecting that at checkout and connecting the positive and negative wires to the battery.

An additional tip to keep things clean is we ran the PTT wire down the tunnel and out the front or of the tunnel.  Jut make sure you drill a relief hole or notch the seam so you don’t pinch the PTT wire where it exits the tunnel to connect into the intercom.  Also make sure that the PTT wire is secured so it does not get caught in the drive line.

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RZR COM in dash
In-Dash RZR wide view.
25 Watt Radio
In-Dash RZR
The Complete UTV intercom
In-Dash Close Up
The COM PTT and Intercom
In-Dash installed Top View
in dash bracket coax and antenna mount
in dash bracket coax and antenna mount
PTT under boot
PTT wire run down tunnel.
PTT wire concealed in boot.
RZR in dash top view
Top view of In-Dash kit

14 thoughts on “RZR In-Dash install”

  1. Why have you settled on a 25 watt VHF/UHF radio? Do you have a dash kit for the CanAm Maverick X3X Turbo RS? We live in Lake Havasu and dust is a real problem. How well sealed are your radios and the Intercom? Do you have any customers in the Lake Havasu area that I could contact? If you would like to call me my number is 928-302-****.

    1. Dale, Thanks for contacting us. We settled on the 25 watt dual band (VHF/UHF) because it has the least draw on SXS power systems with the most range. It also gives our customers both VHF (very high frequency) and UHF (ultra high frequency) frequencies that are commonly used in both racing and day to day riders. It is a balanced radio you could say. I have logged over 2000 miles on two different machines each one having a COM installed in mostly dusty conditions, some rain, some snow and have not had either COM fail yet. To this point we have had less than 4% failure and all the ones that did fail we have replaced and taken care of our customers. We have sold to people in that area but we have a privacy policy that we will not give out peoples information. However we have reached out to several of our customers asking permission to contact you or give you there contact information. We will respond back to you personally once we are given permission from our customers. Thanks,TheCOM Family

        1. Tom, Waterproof to us means you could submerse it completely in water. So no you can’t submerse it completely in water. Weather resistant yes. We put over 3,000 miles on the prototypes. We trailer them in rain hitting it at 75 miles an hour we drove them in the rain we drove them in the snow and we left them out in the weather for months at a time attached to the machines. I would never recommend you leaving them out in the weather or abuse them like we did. We did that just to test it and make sure it hold up. We never had a failure due to weather conditions. Let us know if you have any additional questions. Thanks TheCOM

      1. Looking at your rzr setup. I have a pair of David clark 1030 headsets. For intercom between rider and passenger, is there a setup for ptt buttons for each to talk back and forth? I have an installed stereo, is there an input jack for that? Does this have Bluetooth for my phone?

        1. Dave, thanks for the comment. We use a separated PTT button from the actual headset (you can see this in our training videos at this link New New Customer Training ). Our headsets are stereo and have the ability to hear different tones out of each right and left side speakers when listening to music. When in car you don’t need to press the PTT to talk to other passengers. The only time the PTT is used is when talking outside the vehicle at which point when the PTT is pressed all headsets connected to the intercom can talk outside the car. Let us know if you have any additional questions.

  2. Dwayne Frickson

    Can the S2 RZR dash mount system come apart, like the system but want to put it in a Polaris General with Ride command so need to roof mount it. I can build my own roof mount brackets if the RZR in dash comes apart.
    Need the S2 com, 25 watt radio, helmet head sets (2) ,over the head set (2) ,antenna , 7′ coax, and hard wire for power.
    Thanks Dwayne

    1. Dewayne, Yes the S2 can come apart but we do sell the components as individuals and as a kit. We are running very low on the S2’s. Our plan is to go to the S4S as the exclusive intercom to take care of both 2 seat machines and 4 seat machines. Could you please email or call us and we will get you taken care of with the best available options. or see our mounting solutions video at this link

    1. Thanks for the comments. The ride command can not connect via Bluetooth but can be connected via a 3.5mm conversion cord to the back of the ride command that we currently don’t offer. We are working on making this a simpler solution to connect to the Ride Command much more smoothly.

    1. Yes, it will as long as you don’t have any aftermarket accessories in the din. Once you release the bolt on the back of the din the entire glove box will slide out and TheCOM in-dash will slide in.

    1. We think we do but we have not been able to verify it. You need to try to connect TheCOM to ride command via Bluetooth then connect your Phone to ride command. 1st – Hit the phone button on ride command 2nd – pair TheCOM 3rd – go to your music play your music, you should hear it through your ride command speakers 4th – up in the right had corner there should be a toggle for headset click it and it should go through TheCOM.

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