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What makes TheCOM Different?

We are a family oriented company that provides in car (through the stereo intercom) and car to car (through a dual band (vhf & UHF) two way radio). Communications make the ride much more enjoyable. I don’t know many people that don’t agree that side by sides are noisy.  Communication is difficult even with a passenger that is only feet from you. TheCOM intercom links everyone together as well as their music or other communication devices. Once you have experienced a ride with an intercom it is hard to go back. We have high end over the head headsets as well as helmet headsets to suit your style of riding.

COM S4S stereo headsets
Best stereo helmet headset UTVCOM

We are innovators and it shows! We recently released the first stereo intercom on the market and the only one to offer four independent volume controls (see the s4s here). Our new product, the COMsole, features a powerful 25 watt, dual band radio and our stereo intercom in a convenient overhead install bracket that installs on every side by side with a roof. The COMsole install is about 95% overhead which makes it so you don’t have to take your machine apart to run wires down the tunnel or modify the dash (see COMsole install here). We also offer single rider kits for those who ride ATV’s or motorcycles (see single rider kits here).

General S4S install on SXS

We specialize in plug n’ play and doing as much of the install as we can so you don’t have to spend the time at home installing and wiring.  For the do-it-yourself pro we offer build your own options.  We also sell the brackets or clamps to quickly connect the intercom and radio to the roll bar (see our install examples here) or  (mounting solutions video here).

The COMplete System

Below is a quick hit list of how we are elevating the products offered in the COMmunication space. Here are a few things we’ve deliberately done that “the old guard” has not.

1) Our intercom is stereo, not mono. In conjunction, all our headsets come stock with upgraded speakers, a superior noise canceling mic (we custom make) and a thicker wind screen to keep that mic off at high speeds when you need it off the most.

2) Our systems are pre-assembled and bench tested before going out. This eliminates common error points and saves you hours off installation time.

3) During our S4S development, we recorded the subtle white noise generated by the rzr and 2-way radios and had it eliminated from every S4S intercom by the electrical engineers (see Because of this, you’ll hear a marked difference, especially when the VOX turns the mic off. Our competition in sound quality isn’t our competition; it’s your favorite headphones. Our customers are surprised and comment that our sound quality is as good as their personal headphones.


4) Instead of one shared volume, The COM S4S is the world’s only intercom that has four independent volume controls. For the first time, those wearing helmets (especially significant for kids with sensitive hearing) can now adjust their own volume instead of having to inherit the group volume.

5) We use standard 3.5mm connections instead of the proprietary ones. This opens the door, in a pinch, to other headsets and the ability to replace damaged cords.

Show how to run wires to The COM

6) We use videos to explain everything we can, and we are constantly adding more videos as we hear our customers ask questions.

7) We provide training. The proactive approach is, “The best support is the support you do not need”. Look at the Tech Support menu item at We provide training in two categories: new and advanced. We also document common issues and
Include install videos in an effort to provide 24/7 support. No one else is doing this.

8)We feel that most UTV communication systems are too expensive. So we are priced everyday at or below the prices offered by Rugged’s famous sales. No more need to wait for those sales to buy. A quick comparison shows we’re about 1/3 less, which is significant, especially when you realize the product we are delivering is better.

We are still very unknown in most UTV circles, but are gaining a following very quickly. See more at

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