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The General In-dash is a plug and Play in-dash that mounts in your stock dash with some double stick tape to temporarily hold the mount while you install 8 screws secure the bracket to your dash for a solid install. The S4S intercom is the only Stereo intercom on the market with 4 independent volume controls. It is paired with a 25-watt radio to provide you with up to 10+ miles (based on line of sight) car to car communications. Select the optional S4S V3 intercom and get Bluetooth with pause, play, skip back or ahead.

The Polaris General In-Dash includes:

  • Ready to install plug n play bracket for Polaris General, and
  • One regular PTT (Driver PTT sold separately)
  • Antenna of your choice (Mount sold separately)
    • Shadow Antenna – without a whip, that is low profile (3.5″ tall), range of about 5+ miles line of sight or
    • High Gain Antenna – with a whip, that unlocks your radios full potential with a range of about 10+ miles line of sight
  • Coax Cable (If 2 headsets are ordered a 15 ft coax will be provided, if 4 headsets are ordered 17 ft will be provided. If you desire a different length please place a note at checkout. TheCOM offers 2 ft, 3 ft, 7 ft, 10 ft, 15 ft or 17 ft coax cables).
  • You will receive headset extension cords according to how many headsets you order.
    • 1-2 headsets – (1-2) 9 ft extensions cords
    • 3-6 headsets – (2) 9 ft cords  and  (2) 12 ft cords
  • Ground wire

*Items sold separately

GMRS User Manual here or Race Radio User Manual here

Install tips:

  1. Look over the machine and find the ACC block for power and you should have a general idea where to place the antenna based on your selected coax wire length (you can always use a string line and place it near the radio location and trace the string the rout you are planning on taking then stretch it out and measure the overall length. REMEBER do not coil the extra up in a coil).
  2. Remove the plastic face plate and run all the headset cables, power, and coax to this location leaving about 4-6 inches sticking out of the dash so you can connect the wires to the radio and intercom head unit.
  3. It is best practice to run all wires in wire-loom for extra protection from chafing or damage. Run the wires either down the tunnel or along the inside side of the kick plates on the passenger and/or driver side.  Try to avoid power or rotational mechanical shafts, electronics that may cause RF energy.
  4. secure all headset extension cords and power wires.  leave the coax loose for the antenna best placement tip below.
  5. Connect the red power wire to a clean ACC or Battery power source and the ground to a good ground wire.
  6. Connect the ground antenna ground wire to a good ground and install it to the bottom of the antenna mount or roof. See this video here.
  7. Do not hold the antenna or touch the whip for this test. The antenna gets really hot and can burn you. Pull the car outside and away from buildings and power lines. Install the antenna to the mount and connect it to the NMO brace connector. Hold the antenna by the mount or use some clamps and place the antenna in the desired location.  Transmit on both UHF and or VHF frequencies (if equipped) while someone listens through the headsets. Move the antenna around and find out where the quietest position is or where the noise is the faintest then fasten the antenna to that location. See this video for more info on this tip see minute 3:55 for the warning and skip to minute 8:00 for the test.
  8. Secure the rest of the wires and secure the head unit by removing the double stick tape (red 3m backing) and screwing in the 8 tap screws. Then enjoy.

Build your ideal General communication system with the ultimate in feature control found nowhere else online. For additional information see our new customer training or install examples.

Whether this is your first experience with using communications or you’re an experienced guru, you will get unmatched stereo sound with the only intercom on the market that has 4 independent volume controls.

Note: Headsets and mounts sold separately.

Note: Audio volume coming into the intercom is controlled by the source device. We have noticed that the iPhone is significantly quitter than the Android devices. The following link will give you a couple of options to try to increase the Bluetooth volume from the iPhone:

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 12 × 8 in
Bluetooth or non-Bluetooth

Non-Bluetooth S4S, S4S V3 Bluetooth with controls

Radio Type

GMRS Frequencies, Race Frequencies

Coax Cable Length

2 feet long, 3 feet long, 7 feet long, 10 feet long, 15 feet long, 17 feet long

Antenna Type

Shadow Antenna 5+mi. no whip, High Gain Antenna Whip 10+miles

PTT selection

Hole mount PTT (Race PTT), Passenger PTT, Steering Wheel (driver) PTT


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