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TheCOM Stereo rear cross bar plug n play kit with 25 watt dual band radio, state of the art Stereo intercom, dual band antenna & 1.75″ clamps (if you have  2.0″ roll bar please specify in the notes at checkout). Select the optional S4S V3 intercom and get Bluetooth with pause, play, skip back or ahead.

TheCOM rear crossbar includes:

  • Antenna of your choice (Mount sold separately)
    • Shadow Antenna – without a whip, that is low profile (3.5″ tall), range of about 5+ miles line of sight or
    • High Gain Antenna – with a whip, that unlocks your radios full potential with a range of about 10+ miles line of sight
  •  1.75″ T-bolt clamps (If you need 2.0″ T-bolt clamps please specify in the notes at checkout)
  • One center mount PTT

Options sold separately:

Each headset purchase comes with a 4 foot extension cord. If you would like 9-ft or 12-ft then please place a note in the note section at checkout.

Note: TheCOM mounts to the center rear cross-bar, please examine your particular circumstance for any conflicts. See how to install here.

GMRS User Manual here or Race Radio User Manual here

The COM is your complete, radio, intercom communication system that allows driver and passengers to carry on a private conversation just like talking on the phone within your side by side.  When you are ready to talk outside the car simply press the push to talk (PTT) button and you are talking outside to your group that is on the same frequency or channel. See frequencies here.

This contains the new S4S stereo intercom.

This kit is compatible with 3 different stereo headsets which are sold separately.

  1. Stereo helmet headsets
  2. Stereo over the head headsets
  3. or stereo behind the head headsets

Headsets can be mixed and matched. All our headsets come with the same type speakers and mics so they are 100% compatible with each other.

The below will help you when choosing the T-bolt clamp sizes.

  • 1.75″ T-bolt clamps – roll bars from 1.5″ to 1.8″ diameter
    • Honda UTV’s
    • Textron (Arctic Cat) Wildcats
    • Polaris RZR’s 800’s, 900 trails, S900, S1000, XP,  & turbo Dynamix.
    • Can Am Maverick X3’s
  • 2.0″ clamps fit roll bars between the diameter of 1.8″ to 2.12″
    • Can Am Maverick and Commander models.

Options sold separately:

Each headset purchase comes with a 4 foot extension cord. If you would like 9-ft or 12-ft then please place a note in the note section at checkout.

For additional information see our new customer training or install examples.

Note: TheCOM mounts to the center rear cross-bar, please examine your particular circumstance for any conflicts. See how to install here.


Unprecedented Clarity

Stereo Sound

An extremely rare, expensive and coveted upgrade.  Speech coming from the mic transmits at the ideal frequency for legibility (think “talk radio” equalizer setting) which is why intercoms generate that traditional “AM radio” sound.  But unlike the others, the S4S enables your phone to simultaneously transmit high quality, stereo sound (think “pop” equalizer setting).  The result is you experience the best of both worlds – clear voice transmissions and music quality similar to your favorite headphones.  Enjoy knowing that, no matter what others paid, you are running the highest audio quality of any off-road system on the market.

Music Mute

You like to crank it up?  No problem, when anyone (in your vehicle or over a 2-way radio transmission) decides to speak, the S4S will automatically cut your music so it’s not competing with the message.  When the speaking is over, the music is automatically restored to it’s pre-set volume.

Phone Connectivity

The S4S connects to your phone the same way as headphones – wired from the headphone jack or via integrated Bluetooth.  And if you have cell coverage, the S4S will give your favorite toy the same hands-free ability to make/receive phone calls that you enjoy everyday when driving your vehicle.

White Noise Filtration

Intercoms suffer from muddied sound due to electronic white noise generated by both UTV engine parts and 2-way radios.  The S4S delivers increased clarity because during testing (done on both RZR and Can Am), we identified, recorded and eliminated that kind of noise.  You’ll hear this when nothing is being received – it’s completely silent.  More importantly, you’ll hear the clarity of what is playing, especially in your music and when receiving 2 way radio transmissions when the VOX turns the mic off.


The Ultimate in Sound Control

Ideal for Riders with Sensitive Hearing

Standard intercoms offer only 1 shared volume.  The S4S is the world’s only intercom with 4 independent volume controls.  For the first time ever, riders who wear helmets (which includes children who have young, sensitive ears) can control their own volume.

Ideal for Riders with Poor Hearing or Extremely Loud Machines

Standard intercoms can lack the volume a rider needs.  A S4S rider typically runs the volume in the 4 to 5 clicks range, but the volume maximum is at level 16.  This excess high volume enables those with hearing difficulties and/or very loud environments to still hear well.  Select our ear defenders headsets (which create a physical barrier around the ear) for best results.

VOX (aka Voice Operation Exchange)

VOX keeps headset mics off (“closed”), automatically turning them on (“open”) only when someone is speaking.  This feature eliminates constantly hearing background noise.  It also ensures your 2-way radio transmissions and your rockin’ music have a crystal clear, silent background.  It is a super cool experience, especially when you’re in a very loud environment.

Many intercoms advertises VOX (sometimes called “squelch”), but lack upper end tolerance.  The result is when you need the mic turned off the most, background noise activates it.  The S4S delivers high upper end tolerances that handle the loud conditions of high speeds, still keeping the mic closed until you speak.

Getting the mic to open the exact instance you speak is critical; it’s common for riders to turn off the VOX because the mic does not open at the right moment causing others to not hear the first sounds/words spoken.  This is a result of the mic being too far from your lips or the VOX sensitivity being off.   The S4S makes real time VOX sensitivity adjustments easy by placing the control at your finger tips.  It also provides a large range of small incremental steps so you can get it perfect.  With the S4S, there is no need to lose the first sound every time you begin speaking.

Button setting memory

Once you get the VOX and volumes set, the S4S will keep that setting even when the device is turned off.



Can it Handle Water?

Don’t pressure wash any electronics up close, but the S4S solid front faceplace means water splashing from rain/snow and machine washings won’t be a problem.

Specialty Connections = Special Orders

Accidentally damaging a wire during a ride no longer mean communications are down.  With the S4S, you can simply make a run to any electronics store to pick up a temporary replacement 3.5mm TRRS cord.



Maximum number of seats

Adding an extra headset is easy.  Each of the 4 volume controls can be split 1 time.  Simply add a splitter to the end of the 3.5mm cord and plug in the additional headset.

Interface with External Speakers

The S4S provides a 3.5mm analog audio out on the back.  Plugging into it will simultaneously broadcast the sounds you hear in your headset to 1 (or more) external speaker(s).  Interfacing can be as simple as plugging a standard 3.5mm cord into the “aux in” port of the portable Bluetooth speaker you use around camp.  Or go all in and obtain a 3.5mm-to-RCA cord to turn S4S into the head unit for your impressive amplified speaker system.  Either way, the final result will be audio broadcasting from your machine.  Any music will auto mute (just like it does in your headsets) and play any 2-way radio transmissions.

Intercom Dimensions:

H = 1 – 7/8”

D = 5 – ¼”

W = 3 – ¼”

Note: Audio volume coming into the intercom is controlled by the source device. We have noticed that the iPhone is significantly quitter than the Android devices. The following link will give you a couple of options to try to increase the Bluetooth volume from the iPhone:

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 8 × 5 in
Bluetooth or non-Bluetooth

Non-Bluetooth S4S, S4S V3 Bluetooth with controls

Radio Type

GMRS Frequencies, Race Frequencies

Antenna Type

Shadow Antenna 5+mi. no whip, High Gain Antenna Whip 10+miles

PTT selection

Hole mount PTT (Race PTT), Passenger PTT, Steering Wheel (driver) PTT

1 review for TheCOM S4S Plug ‘n Play on Rear Crossbar~

  1. Hawk Dobrich

    This review is well overdue . First let me introduce myself . I’m a vet that has lost over 80% of my hearing in one ear and over 50% in the other . I’m only correcting the better ear . So max volume and clarity is utmost important .
    In early 2019 I reached out to Dustin with “The Com” . After great customer service I placed an order . For a “Plug and Play Rear Cross Bar ” unit w radio and BT for my Can Am Commander . The install was a breeze. I secured the unit quickly and easily w just to hose clamps . The unit is totally secure and out of the way . Due to living in the NE we didn’t want the radio antenna extended too high above our UTV due to lower canopies than the west ., so we brought the correct length of cable and the remote antenna mount ..After the install in Sept 2019 the riding season was over before we could test the units . We have a 300watt soundbar installed and I had let my son ride up the road playing music and neatly max volume and we could hear the music balancing off the snow for over a 1/2 mile plus .This really shined some light for my wife and I . If we can hear this from so far away ,we know others can hear our music as we’re passing through as they’re trying to enjoy the outdoors. To my wife and I it seemed like a huge level of disrespect. So this unit totally eliminated this issue
    Spring of 2020 we really put the units to the test . After pairing my phone to the unit we were off . (make sure the BT volume on your phone is set to max ) . So things weren’t just right , so we returned to the house for data coverage and watched a VERY clear video on how to adjust the VOX. We made some adjustments and have hardly had to adjust since. In the past I could hardly hear my wife at all when riding . The Com has totally changed how we enjoy riding . I leave my hearing aid in without any feedback in the”Over the Head ” headphones. . We can listen to music at a comfortable level for the both of us. the VOX is set perfectly , where the music stops as either of us speak. We’re able to zoom on our trails without feeling a disrespectful guilt of music blasting . I have taken a few phone calls while riding as well. and the callers can hear us very clearly as were zooming along. The Over the Head also act at good hearing protection , as they cut a fair amount of the engine noise .
    Vermont just changed the laws and 2021 will be mandatory Helmet Law .So we will be add on the helmet com

    • thecom (verified owner)

      Thanks for the detailed review Hawk.

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