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In-Dash Plug N' Play Kits
In-dash models are available on select side by side models.
COMmunicate on the go!
Take your riding experience to the next level with TheCOM stereo intercom.
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Step 1 - Select your kit and click "Add to Cart" then proceed down to step 2!

Below are the main kits we offer. For the kits with “Select Options” button you will need to select some options prior to adding it to cart. For more information on each kit you can simply click the picture for additional information. Proceed to Step 2 – Headsets

Step 2 - Select your headsets and click "Add to Cart" then scroll down to step 3!

Mix and match or select all the same headsets.  All S4S headsets go to the S4S stereo intercom. The single rider helmet headset (Mono) is for the single rider system. Proceed to Step 3 – Antenna Mount 

Step 3 - Select your antenna mount and click "Add to Cart" then scroll down to step 4!

The swivel mount will fit virtually any angled bar.  Proceed to Step 4 – Accessories. 

Step 4 - Accessories. Final step!

Add some comfort ear seals to those amazing headsets or some cable managers. Buy some cinch straps for some tug relief for the cords.  Check back later, we are growing there is more to come. Thanks for shopping with TheCOM. Click here for checkout

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